MAYBE YES, MAYBE NO, IT'S MAY! (05/03/2012)

Finally May is here...a  busy month for new releases. Some titles have received favorable reviews, some not so much. Here's three you may.. or may not want to consider....

John Irving is one of my favorite authors.  Even the cover of his newest novel is daring and exciting. IN ONE PERSON is a book that makes us proud of our differences.

Without giving away too much, IN ONE PERSON is a compelling novel of desire, secrecy and identity. It tells the story of a bisexual man, his friends and his lovers portrayed in John Irving's inimitable style.

Reviewers said "This is a brave and affecting depiction of how in one life(sexual and otherwise) we contain multitudes." (That says it all...)

And did I mention that reviewers are labeling it "a gripping page-turner and a beautifully constructed work of art"

John Irving is the author of The World According to Garp, which won the National Book Award in 1980.  He has had nine acclaimed international best sellers and IN ONE PERSON is his thirteenth novel.

To order IN ONE PERSON by John Irving, click on the Amazon Search Box in the sidebar. It will be released May eighth.

Anna Quindlen

This is a May release that will please Anna Quindlen fans.  LOTS OF CANDLES, PLENTY OF CAKE is a memoir that focuses on looking back and looking ahead..and celebrates all of it.

This book will appeal to a special audience..probably women in Quindlen's age group whose lives are similar.  She talks about "having it all" and living for the now, to love life and "not focus on the destination."

Girlfriends, Marriage, our bodies, and parenting are some of the topics Quindlen discusses.  Her candid observations and descriptive skills tell the reader to "get a life" in the nicest possible way.

Anna Quindlen writes so well that the reader is immediately drawn into the rhetoric.

It's a book to keep in your library,  on your coffee table, or pass on to a loved one.

There are some valuable lessons to be learned in LOTS OF CANDLES, PLENTY OF CAKE but no matter what Anna Quindlen says, growing old is a bitch! (My opinion)

Nell Freudenberger

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This book has been  favorably reviewed in all the mainstream papers. It has been called a "genuinely moving story about a woman who is trying to negotiate two cultures, balancing her parents expectations with her own aspirations, ambitions, and romantic yearnings"

The novel basically concerns a woman who leaves her family in Bangladesh to live in America as the wife of a man she met on the internet.

There's lots of cross-cultural tension, aging parents issues, many truths revealed, but overall it is a story that takes the reader from the backyards of America to the villages of Bangladesh. 

Watch THE NEWLYWEDS climb to the top of   the bestseller list.


  1. Hi Joyce - I just heard a review of the "Newlywed" on NPR. It sounds great. It seems to be a book that has a compelling plot and characters and not simplistic at all. I may very well give it a try. Are you considering reading it?

  2. Hi Brian.. Thanks for commenting. I think the title may be misleading...I downloaded it after I read the NYTimes review and am going to give it a try. She's a good author and the excerpt I read held my interest. We shall see......