A HOME RUN (04/ 26/2012)

GHS is an avid reader of all things non-fiction. He's my go-to person for history, business, current events and his new fave, John Grisham. He's read almost all of Grisham's books and here's his review of CALICO JOE, Grisham's newest tome.

I really enjoyed the new novel from John Grisham – Calico Joe. The book is about baseball, relationships and redemption—all set in the world of Major League Baseball. Like most Grisham novels, the story develops very quickly with plenty of foreshadowing that kept me turning the pages wanting more. 

The chapters are short and crisp with flashbacks to 1973 (where the story starts). The baseball stories were vivid and lifelike—making references to real players, sportscasters and actual events. Paul Tracey is the lead character and narrates the story. Paul is an adult now and tells his story with flash- backs to the past, helping the reader understand his present situation.

In 1973, Paul’s Dad, Warren Tracey was a pitcher for the Mets and had many shortcomings as a Dad. Joe Castle was a rookie player for the Cubs and was the best rookie player Major League Baseball had ever seen. (He was called Calico Joe because he was from Calico, Arkansas). But then, in the summer of 1973, during a game between the Cubs and Mets, Warren threw a pitch to Joe that would change their lives forever.

Calico Joe is much more than another book about baseball, but rather a story about sons and Dads—and the search for redemption—before it’s too late.
Oh No! Another baseball book....

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Many of you may remember THE ART OF FIELDING by Chad Harbach, a best seller this winter and recipient of numerous accolades.

Well, I hated it and not being a baseball lover I thought Grisham's book was going to be another boring no hitter.

To my surprise, I am enjoying Calico Joe, even with the baseball references.  Stay tuned...

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