HE'S BAAAAACK...... (04/10/2012)

Stephen King is debuting another weird book..His fans will be thrilled. THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE will be released April 24th.

This book is part of King's Dark Tower series but reviewers say the book stands alone and is a "haunting journey into a strange world"...But isn't King's world always strange? Actually it's called "mid-world"..go figure..

King is the author of more than fifty books and mostly all are best sellers. If you are a Steven King follower, don't miss The Wind Through the Keyhole. You can post a review right here!


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As you scroll down, be sure to check out the review by Alan Bressler of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY by E.L. James. This book is sold out in book stores but still available at Amazon. Click on the Amazon searchbox to order now.  

E. L. James, (image below) is the author of this erotic novel. Who would have thought?

"YES! I wrote it...every sado-masochistic word!..So there!


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