ALL EARS (Pulitzer) TO ONE EAR (Van Gogh) (04/20/2012)

THE SWERVE by Stephen Greenblatt just won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction. Evelyn Karet, a well known Art Historian, Author, Visiting Scholar at Clark University, and of course, a blog reader gave this book high praise.

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The celebrated author, Stephen Grenblatt crafts an exciting work based on a true story of discovery. A manuscript found on a library shelf changes the course of human thought and helped establish a new world.

Reviewers said that "SWERVE is one of those brilliant works of non-fiction that's so jam-packed with ideas it literally boggles the mind"

Greenblatt,  also a professor at Harvard has written a tense, exciting story of how we became what we are today.

To quote Dr. Karet " A really wonderful book about humanism and the Renaissance.."

The Swerve was also a recipient of the 2011 National Book Award.

On a lighter note, scroll down to SACRE BLEU by Christopher Moore...A novel that finds the funny in Van Gogh in this romp with can-can girls, art history and cognac!  A lethal combination but a lighthearted one...
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