Get ready for a fun read! This biography of Joan Rivers is also a story of the trials and tribulations of women for decades ....a riveting and heart wrenching tale of the woman behind the "Schtick." It's all here and fans of well written biographies will enjoy this funny, revealing, inspiring book. I still miss her.....

Hardcover: November 15, 2016
Joan Rivers was an icon and a role model to millions, a fearless pioneer who left a legacy of expanded opportunity when she died in 2014. Her life was a dramatic roller-coaster of triumphant highs and devastating lows: the suicide of her husband, her feud with Johnny Carson, her estrangement from her daughter, her many plastic surgeries, her ferocious ambition and her massive insecurities. But Rivers' career was also hugely significant in American cultural history, breaking down barriers for her gender and pushing the boundaries of truth-telling for women in public life. LAST GIRL BEFORE FREEWAY delves into the inner workings of a woman who both reflected and redefined the world around her.


The holiday season has arrived but I don’t think chaos has to come with it. Choosing a book for someone you hold near and dear based on his or her interests is one of the most thoughtful and rewarding gifts you can give. 

I recently finished first time author, Imbolo Mbue's masterful debut novel titled BEHOLD THE DREAMERS, a swiftly paced story that takes on immigration, family, and class. It's a timely tale that needs to be told...BEHOLD THE DREAMERS Is a sad indictment of the American dream and a great testament to enduring family bonds.

Well written, this is a fearless morality tale mixed with humor, pathos and love....the perfect gift for an adventurous reader.


Recently Blog follower B A wrote the following review on
I felt compelled to not only include it on my blog but quickly downloaded the book....sounds like a great read!
A National Book Award Finalist, critics and many readers labeled it smart, devastating and unforgettable. It's out in paperback too get it post haste!

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Coincide. Concuss. Confound. Confuse. Co-opt. Conflate. Repeat.
I knew absolutely nothing about this compelling, heart-breaking novel until I saw it on the Goodreads List of the Best Novels for 2016. If you love All Things India, move one step closer to your book seller's shelf.
If you want to examine the slow, and ultimately inevitable, conversion from victim to terrorist, take one more step.
 If you want absolutely gorgeous prose, take a giant step. If the idea that humans don't know what the hell they want terrifies you, run like the dickens.