Recently Blog follower B A wrote the following review on
I felt compelled to not only include it on my blog but quickly downloaded the book....sounds like a great read!
A National Book Award Finalist, critics and many readers labeled it smart, devastating and unforgettable. It's out in paperback too get it post haste!

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Coincide. Concuss. Confound. Confuse. Co-opt. Conflate. Repeat.
I knew absolutely nothing about this compelling, heart-breaking novel until I saw it on the Goodreads List of the Best Novels for 2016. If you love All Things India, move one step closer to your book seller's shelf.
If you want to examine the slow, and ultimately inevitable, conversion from victim to terrorist, take one more step.
 If you want absolutely gorgeous prose, take a giant step. If the idea that humans don't know what the hell they want terrifies you, run like the dickens.

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