MAKING HISTORY (01/05/2014)

Many of us crave a good historical novel once in awhile, and author David-Michael Harding fills that void.. HOW ANGELS DIE, fast paced and powerful, focuses on life in France during the Nazi occupation. Not just another World War II story, this  novel highlights two sisters, punctuated by family drama and astounding bravery.

You may not have heard of David-Michael Harding, but his books often outsell Ken Follett in the UK.  He is a life-long writer whose work has appeared in national publications and has been recognized by the international writing community for his piece, The Cats of Savone.  

Harding's previous historical fiction work includes, Forever Beneath the Celtic Sea, detailing the German submarine crew and their sinking of the ocean liner Lusitania. He is a collegiate writing instructor and former semi-professional football player.

His experiences provide readers with well researched, crushing fast-paced action.  Most of his days are spent writing from the cockpit of his sailboat, Pegasus, somewhere off the Nature Coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.
 Two sisters take different roads in their work for the French Resistance during World War II. Claire is an active guerrilla fighter while Monique seduces German officers to learn military secrets from bedroom pillows. Love enters in for both as battles rage in their family over the morality of killing vs. sex while, unknown to them all, D-Day rapidly approaches.

HOW ANGELS DIE is a highly dramatic novel with very strong female protagonists.  The story is rife with action, conflict, and intrigue.  Through it all, the characters struggle with devotion to family, country, cause, and oneself.  The reader is effortlessly drawn along the storyline and feels the impact of the events surrounding the sisters.  Compassion for the characters, German as well as French, runs deep and captures the imagination as coastal war-torn France comes alive on the pages.

Brimming with high drama that is punctuated by family humor, HOW ANGELS DIE lifts the veil on a lesser-known side of the French Resistance. Through the prism of two intrepid women, the novel illuminates how these women employ their formidable assets and fierce love of country to face down a vicious enemy. With page-turning action, unstoppable passion, and historical accuracy, this heart-racing novel is a must-read for sisters, history buffs, and action enthusiasts alike.

More than a war story, HOW ANGELS DIE compels its readers to face the decision-making processes that bring us to where we are and who we are.  It also asks questions of the mind that expose prejudices and eventual regret that follows.



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  1. This sounds like very entertaining historical novel. World War II never ceases to fascinating and NAZI occupation stories even more so.

    I also really think that this one has a great book cover!

  2. I agree..Actually, covers are definitely a preamble to a good most cases..although with e readers, you miss out on this. Sometimes I go to a bookstore just to check out the book covers on the books I am reading on my kindle.....okindle of a sad commentary..
    By the way, Happy BLOGAVERSARY

  3. I meant to say"kind of a sad commentary"