BUZZWORTHY (01/05/2013)

It's 2014 and new releases are debuting steadily. WOWBRARY, my local library publication, posts what's new and trending in the book world. It recently targeted E. L. Doctorow, the author of Ragtime, Billy Bathgate and many other prizewinners. At age 81, Doctorow will be releasing ANDREW'S BRAIN on January 14th.

Although it sounds like a challenging read, most reviews have been favorable. The reviewer's comment below will give you a preview.

ANDREW'S BRAIN by E. L. Doctorow

"I would call myself a casual E.L. Doctorow reader. I've read all his classics, and a smattering of his other works. Probably 8-10 total. So I'm far from an expert. I can say that this is pretty unique from other Doctorow titles I've read, it's a different approach for him. 'Andrew's Brain' is certainly an interesting read, it's only 200 pages and I finished it on a DC-NYC Amtrak train up and back. It flows well, but it's not necessarily an 'easy read.' The narrative is not all that compelling, it's a man (Andrew) telling his analyst about his life, his marriages, etc. But the writing is fantastic, the prose is great, and the plot twists take the story in some interesting directions. As an avid reader, I would recommend this book." (B.R.IR) 


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