Publishers Weekly is an international weekly trade magazine targeted at publishers, librarians, booksellers, and since I receive it, everyone!

They just selected "The Best New Books for the Week of April 1, 2013." A few picks seemed like an April Fools' joke, so I eliminated those, but here's a sampling of some others... And there's always next week!

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (Little, Brown) - Atkinson’s new novel opens twice: first in Germany in 1930 with an English woman taking a shot at Hitler, then in England in 1910 when a baby arrives, stillborn. And then it opens again: still in 1910, still in England, but this time the baby lives. That baby is Ursula Todd, and as she grows up, she dies and lives repeatedly.

Candlemoth by R.J. Ellory (Overlook) - Ellory’s searing first novel recounts how Daniel Ford came to be on death row in 1982 for beheading his best friend, Nathan Verney, a decade earlier. The question of Ford’s guilt lends plenty of interest, but is almost incidental to the harrowing descriptions of life behind bars and the complex unfolding of a lifelong connection between friends.

The Other Child by Charlotte Link, (trans. from the German by Stefan Tobler) (Pegasus) a bestseller in her native Germany, makes her U.S. debut with a sophisticated and thoughtful mystery set in England. After an ominous prologue, in which a woman stumbles across an unnamed secret on a remote farm in Yorkshire in 1970, the action shifts to 2008 in the same area. College student Amy Mills leaves a babysitting gig late at night to travel home, only to find her regular, relatively safe route blocked off, which proves to be a prelude to her brutal killing.

A Death in the Lucky Holiday Hotel: Murder, Money, and an Epic Power Struggle in China by Pin Ho and Wenguang Huang (PublicAffairs) - When British businessman Neil Heywood was found dead in a tourist hotel outside Chongqing, few would have suspected that his death would result in a murder trial that would nearly disrupt the country’s once-in-a-decade leadership change.(Non-Fiction)

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  1. Are you planning on reading any of these picks? Life after Life is really speaking to me right now I think I'm going to have to borrow it from the library.
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  2. That is the one I plan to read at some point. It is going on my TBR list. It's gotten so many good reviews by critics and readers...Sounds really intriguing!

    1. No I haven't...but she has written a lot of books....check out her website or Wikipedia for more info...actually I had never heard of her until this recent book received so much press..