Get ready to laugh, prepare to weep—Robert Merivel is back in Rose Tremain’s magical sequel to Restoration, so says 

Rose Tremain's new book titled Merivel, A Man of His Time debuted this month. It's a sequel to Restoration but can proudly stand alone. For readers who enjoy historical novels, this is for you. wrote the following....

The gaudy years of the Restoration are long gone. Robert Merivel, physician and courtier to Charles II, loved for his gift for turning sorrow into laughter, now faces the agitations and anxieties of middle age. Questions crowd his mind: has he been a good father? Is he a fair master? Is he the King’s friend or the King’s slave?

In search of answers, Merivel sets off for the French court. But Versailles—all glitter in front and squalor behind—leaves Merivel in despair, until a chance encounter with Madame de Flamanville, a seductive Swiss botanist, allows him to dream of an honorable future.

Yet will that future ever be his? Back home at Bidnold Manor, his loyalty and medical skills are tested to their limits, while the captive bear he has brought back from France begins to cause havoc in his heart and on his estate.....

Rose Tremain is an award winning British author. She is known for her historical novels and usually approaches history from unexpected angles. Merivel: A Man of His Time is an example of her original point of view and engaging writing style.


  1. Is it wrong that I had absolutely no clue about the first or this second book in the series? However, I'm so glad you mentioned it because I just looked up both of them on Goodreads and they sound really good, I'm so bogged down with other books to read but I think I'm going to put them on hold at the library anyways :) Thanks for sharing this Joyce! Always a pleasure to stop by your blog.
    - Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  2. Thanks so much.. She's a great author. I read some of her earlier books. You're in for a treat! Let me know what you think when you're done.