OH, THOSE BULGER BOYS! (04/10/2013)

I ran into two people this week that couldn't wait to tell me how much they are enjoying Black Mass by Dick Lehr and Gerard O'neil.

One reader, a  semi-retired businessman is a self decribed "criminal junkie" and the other is a female attorney who usually likes a good psychological novel.

Black Mass is written by two Boston Globe reporters who have produced a chilling tale of brothers from South Boston: Jim "Whitey" Bulger and his younger brother Billy. Whitey is a notorius and powerful gangster and Billy, president of the State Senate.

At first it feels like fiction..and as incredible as it all sounds, it's true and better than fiction, both readers proclaimed. Black Mass is a tale of an unholy alliance between mobsters and FBI agents, and both reporters have an intimate knowledge of the people, places and events that surround this still ongoing saga.

Black Mass has been labeled a "triumph of investigative reporting"... a tragic true story in many ways...definitely an exciting read....And soon to be debuting at your neighborhood theater....no surprise!


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  1. I have heard of this elsewhere. Interesting and disturbing. (Am not sure "exciting" would be appropriate).

  2. It's fascinating from several aspects...as a kind of voyeur, observing the criminal lifestyle...but not forgetting those who died at their hands. Also that two brothers could be so different...and the extremes the government will go to....yes, disturbing and there is an element of excitement......sad to say.