WHAT A BUMMER .... (03/31/2013)

What disappointing reviews The Burgess Boys by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Elizabeth Strout received. After a few chapters and then reading Janet Maslin's New York Times review, I felt justified in abandoning it.

I loved Olive Kittredge (2009), and assume it must be a daunting prospect for an author to keep creating at a Pulitzer Prize winning level. Unfortunately Strout, as much as I like her prose, has disappointed many of her followers...especially me.

If any of you have read The Burgess Boys, let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment below.

Here's the link to the New York Times review:




  1. I haven't read either book by this author but I have friends who have loved the new book and others who have disliked it. I guess it all depends on the person. I think I might give both books a try just to see what I think.
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  2. Books are often a matter of personal taste as you well know.. She's a wonderful author and you'll appreciate the writing style...so give them a go and let me know your thoughts.