BREAKING NEWS! (03/20/2013)

Many of us have read The Art Forger by B. A. Shapiro. Now there's breaking news about this notorious unsolved art heist. 

Here's my review of The Art Forger posted last January..followed by a recent exciting revelation just revealed to the news media by the on... 

I've had my eye on "The Art Forger" by B.A. Shapiro since October, but was awaiting more detailed reviews and feedback from friends. (Literary reviews had been mixed.)

This morning Marlene P., a reliable source and committed reader raved about this book...and so I'm ready to share her views. Her first comment was "it's great to read a really good book, well written, well plotted, and as a bonus, is art related."

For those who live near Boston and remember this infamous unsolved art heist, "The Art Forger" will hit home. It's presented as a fictionalized thriller, based on the 500 million dollar heist from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

Marlene P. described "The Art Forger" by B.A. Shapiro as a view of the art world, blended with history and intrigue. It helps if you have an interest in art, but if you like a fast paced authentic thriller "The Art Forger" is for you. (And you may discover your hidden artistic side.)


Law enforcement officials said today (03/18/2013) they have identified the people who stole 500 million dollars worth of masterworks from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.


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