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The West Hartford Bookies recently read and discussed The Yellow Birds: A Novel by Kevin Powers. Author, Kevin Powers is an Iraq war veteran and this insightful book is about war and its effects on people who are part of it.

A finalist for The National Book Award, The Yellow Birds is a heartfelt story of two soldiers trying to stay alive.

"Our bookies thought it was a beautifully written book and we had a great discussion." Beverly G, group member.



"From "The Iliad" to Agincourt to Al Tarfur, bloodshed and sorrow persist as we keep slaughtering each other. Poets have always surpassed historians in conveying the horror and futility of war. To this sorry tradition, Kevin Powers has added his own beautifully told, haunting tale.

Our hearts go out to the soldiers whose lives are lost or wasted in grim combat. The mothers of these young men make a very brief appearance in the story, but their presences are deeply felt.

The structure of the book, alternating between "before" and "after"emphasizes the gradual descent from hopefulness to depression."

 Reviewed by J.B. West Hartford Book Club

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