Sachi Parker, the only child of Shirley MacLaine and her mysterious husband, Steve Parker has written a touching and disturbing book about her life with Mom and Dad...with more emphasis on the Mom part..(or lack of...)

Lucky Me: My Life With-and Without-My Mom, Shirley Maclaine by Sachi Parker is a simple read and one you may want to miss... Unless you are voyeuristic like me and eager to know what kooky, spiritual Shirley is really like.

Sachi Parker tries to paint a balanced picture of her Mother..but forget it.. Shirley Maclaine is a disappointment, and that's being kind. I won't bore you with all the details except to say it's a wonder Sachi Parker was able to survive this very bizarre mother and father.

Shirley Maclaine told one of her daughter's friends, "My daughter is a pathological liar and don't believe anything she says about me." Her father's pet name for Sachi was 'Idiot"....

How do you survive all this?  Hopefully this tell-all will have some consequence and make a difference in her life... and her Mother's...




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