More Baths Less Talking is a collection of author Nick Hornby's monthly book columns in The Believer, an American Literature Magazine. It's laced with humor, witty asides and book suggestions. Readers have claimed More Baths Less Talking is a fresh and imaginative approach to looking at literature..

Below is an excerpt from a review on Goodreads.

Douglas on Goodreads wrote: 

"I am mad about Nick Hornby's "Stuff I've Been Reading" column. More Baths Less Talking is the latest of the slim volumes collected from The Believer litmag, it's unputdownable mind-candy.

Each month's column begins with two lists: Books Bought and Books Read. Hornby (author of High Fidelity, Juliet, Naked and many others) ostensibly chronicles his struggle to keep up with his ever growing piles of books.

But Hornby is really concerned with the multipronged joy of reading, when you're reading the right thing. "Read what you enjoy, not what bores you,” he says, and the sense of engagement and vital importance as he takes on Flaubert, Dickens, Dennis Lehane, sports biographies, books about Khrushchev's planned economy, psychoanalysis, the lives of poets and Saturday Night Live, filtered through his trademark wit, unpretentious brilliance, and cheeky—very English—self-deprecation, are like crack......"

......I dare you to read just one of these columns at a time. I'll admit to getting fidgety, almost physically ill as I wait for the next collection to come out. What you get with Hornby are asides that seem taken from his fiction but are (usually, at least) windups to the next book under discussion.

After each month's column you'll have a list of books you simply must go buy. You'll read everything with more zest and elan, and feel better about life."

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