Get ready for an unputdownable thriller, a richly textured, fast moving, gritty first novel titled Ghostman by Roger Hobbs.
This is an addictive tale about a real man with no name, a face you won't remember, no fingerprints and no connections. 

His job is to help people and evidence disappear after they've committed a major crime. He's officially known as Jack and is actually a career criminal proficient in the "business of disappearing." (Moniker, Ghostman)

When a casino robbery in Atlantic City goes horribly wrong, things escalate, Jack's called in and you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat.

Roger Hobbs has garnered remarkable acclaim for his first novel. It's a slam-bang crime story and Hobbs is now being compared to many esteemed crime writers. 
Below is an excerpt of an interview with Roger Hobbs published on www.goodreads.com

How did you turn yourself into a heist expert?

Roger Hobbs:
First things first: Ghostman is a work of fiction, and many of the techniques I describe I either embellished for artistic purposes or made up entirely. That being said, however, I did two years of research while writing this book. My approach was multifaceted. I taught myself four different techniques for breaking into and hot-wiring a car. I scoured used bookstores for those few rare tomes about safecracking and lock picking. I downloaded and studied manuals describing all sorts of criminal methods, from body disposal to making car bombs. I hung around in hidden, deep Web chat rooms with working thieves and hit men. I traded cigarettes for stories in after-hours clubs with thugs and ex-cons, pimps and drug dealers. I cased the security in every single casino in Atlantic City. Honestly, I did everything I could for this novel, short of actually breaking the law........

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