No, not that kind of bookie, but a book group member, often referred to as a "Bookie."  Simply put, a book group is a bevy of readers who meet to discuss books anywhere. It can be done online, in a home, at a library or over cocktails.   

I recently came across Quick Reads, a UK group that helps people realize that reading is for everyone. It can be for those short on time and not ready for a long term book committment or those just intimidated by books. (Sounds like a relationship...)

Mainstream authors are commissioned by Quick Reads to write short books specifically designed to be quick reads. The books are sold through major retailers including Amazon, which means you can click on the Amazon Search Box in the Sidebar if you feel inspired.

Here's an excerpt from

"New research unveiled today shows that a quarter of UK adults (over 12 million people) have only picked up a book to read for pleasure once or less in the past six months. Nearly one in 10 adults claim they never read books (8%), with over a quarter (29%) of those who read once every six months or less citing time pressures as the reason.However, the statistics which reveal Britain’s ‘reading rut’ also illustrate the many personal and social benefits that reading for pleasure provides....

•53% said that reading made them feel more relaxed

61% said if helped them switch off from their day-to-day life

•51% said they liked experiencing new stories

•40% said they felt like they learn new subjects

•32% said that finishing a book gives them the same or greater sense of achievement as they get by going to the gym"

(Click on the cover for details)

•Today Everything Changes - Andy McNab
•Wrong Time, Wrong Place - Simon Kernick
•A Dreadful Murder - Minette Walters
•A Sea Change - Veronica Henry

Thankyou Quick Reads for sharing this information. There's no excuse not to read, whether a quick read or a not so quick read, the satisfaction and accomplishment is worth every minute.


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