BOOKS THAT MAKE YOU GO "HUH?" (02/03/2013)

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Gary S, a non-fiction reviewer on this blog, alerted me to a book review that was recently posted in the Wall Street Journal. Jujitsu Rabbi and the Godless Blonde by former Daily Beast journalist, Rebecca Dana is a title that makes you stop in your tracks, and yes, possibly go, huh??

This is a witty memoir that details how a not very observant Jewish girl ends up with a rabbi (and martial arts student) for a roommate in the heart of Brooklyn's super orthodox community.

Promos and reviews have been mostly positive for this edgy  memoir although the Wall Street Journal thought it would make a "good summer flick".  (Not sure about that comment.....) 

For anyone who's moved to a new city in search of a dream, lost your way and possibly rebounded, you'll have an appreciation for Rebecca Dana's adventure... (or misadventure).

One reviewer aptly stated "This book has a very young feel to it. Dana is willing to laugh at herself and see the humor in her missteps and mishaps, and this has aided her in her success"


Rebecca Dana

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