I HATE DADDY LOVE (02/08/2013)

Why am I reading Daddy Love by Joyce Carol Oates? Two bloggers I respect recommended it..that's why. I hate it! It's painful and horrifying. To be fair I've only read about 50 pages... but I get the picture.

Joyce Carol Oates is a prizewinning author, although I haven't liked her last few books..but still, one or two out of 50 novels is a good record.

Daddy Love is dark, disturbing, and horrific. The prose is seductively Oates, and the emotions of all the characters are cleverly incorporated. I constantly felt uncomfortable.

It starts with a kidnapping.. a small child abducted by a disgusting, ruthless, depraved kidnapper. If you want a graphic picture of what happens when children are brainwashed, tortured and degraded, Oates spares no details. I couldn't take it....I'm done.

Has anyone read Daddy Love? What's your opinion of author Joyce Carol Oates? Leave a comment below...Tell me what you really think! (I did...)

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Take a breath..It's Joyce Carol Oates..she often writes dark books..I thought the story was typical Oates. Yes, it was a very very tough read, but it also focused on the parents, and on kids growing up and leaving their innocence behind....so much more than a horrendous abduction. I found it to be a thoughtful  and powerful read....

Joyce...I agree..but I'm not a JCO fan.. difficult read...I couldn't finish but may go back...when I want to be depressed...LOL

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