A WRITER'S WRITER (02/05/2013)

For those of you not familiar with Goodreads, it's a site for book lovers where you can post reviews, read what others have read, join a book group, contact an author, rate books, and keep track of what you read..or want to read.

So many people are talking about Tenth of December by George Saunders that I decided to research reviews from my "friends" on Goodreads.

This collection of short stories by the author considered to be one of the most original writers of his generation has been called profound and moving. Both these reviewers have an interesting writing style and I think you'll enjoy their points of view.

Here's their opinions about Tenth of December by George Saunders.....   

BA wrote:
"Well, I wanted to be all cool and like, way deep in the know about a writer's writer, one who's all the buzz among the literati. I did. I should have had a notion of what the experience would be like when the bookseller at Carter and Doyle, on Madison
Avenue, said, archly, with raised right brow, " Oh. Have you read him before?" And you know what "reading him" was like? It was like crawling along the Boston Post Road from the Bowery to Brookline, on your bare knees, with the complete length of the roadway covered with about a zillion pieces of splintered glass, while someone standing over you was tempting you along with a coffee-caramel macaroon from Laduree. Which is to say: endless, painful, bizarre, otherworldly, with top-notes of searing beauty and, yes, love. Not for the faint of heart, but then again, it's not easy being cool."

KC wrote:
......"Saunders has been rightly called a writer's writer, a writer for our times. Having started his career relatively late, his experience in life has given him much material to mine, but it is his dead-on perception of the world of today and the results of globalization and its effect on basic humanity that provides his stories with their power. There is also a great presence of familial love and care here. Several of the stories provide characters with inner lives so rich and complex they could fill volumes. Magnificent."

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