TREADMILL TALK (02/04/2013)

TREADMILL TALK is a new feature on Joyce's Choices. It's
bookish gossip or book news overheard at my gym. 

Sometimes a good book and good talk can make the torturous
time on a treadmill tolerable (whew!)...

Here's the latest workout chitchat. 


"NPR loved this book"  "Strange but great"   "Very different.."

The Dinner by Herman Koch takes place within a few hours over a five course dinner at an Amsterdam restaurant. Two couples meet and discuss a horrendous, unspeakable crime committed by their sons. Gripping, and tautly written, friendship and civility gradually disintegrate throughout the meal.

"No room for desert after reading this..which is a good thing."

"If you like British fiction, Past Imperfect is for you." 
"A light read but one you won't be able to put down"

Past Imperfect by Julian Fellowes takes place in 1968, just before the last British "Season." A middle aged Londoner revisits his past and a multitude of British society types are searching for  suitable husbands. The social mores of the 1960's are on the cusp of a radical change...Class distinction everywhere...
If you're familiar with Downton Abbey, you'll recognize Julian Fellowes as the creator.

My gym mates said "Past Imperfect made the time fly by and was definitely good for the heart rate."

THE DINNER is a new release and the recipient of excellent reviews. Both books can be ordered from this blog. Click on the Amazon Search Box in the Sidebar.

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