This is Banned Book Week..September 30th to October 6th..It's a celebration of the freedom to read. This yearly event brings together the entire book community (Almost missed it..) and brings attention to the controversies of censorship.

There's a few current books that I think should have been banned (or at least not published).. and you know I say this in jest...sort of....

Here are two nominees:

Total Recall: My Unbelievable True Life Story
 by Arnold Schwartznegger  (Who really cares, Arnold..)

Any book by Donald Trump (Enough already, you're perfect...)

I know some of you will please leave a comment or add your own nominees....


  1. Your post really made me laugh Joyce. I certainly agree with you on the Trump book. Though I am interested in politics the Schwartznegger book does not sound promising either.

    I really like the caption that you posted!

  2. Thanks Brian...I'm glad someone appreciates my warped humor. I had just seen an interview with my ex BF Arnold and politics didn't seem to be a focus...he just annoyed me no end...I don' t want to make my blog politcal but there were a few more authors I could add...but restraint kicked in just in time...
    Now I'm plodding through JK Rowlings adult book...not happily....

  3. Ach I do like a good rant, but these are slightly tame (sorry - constructive criticism... the phrase all authors hate :)

    Anyway. Try harder and let the real venom flow :)

    I'll be back later.

  4. Yes, come back!! I need a lesson in spewing venom!! What do you suggest?

  5. Yikes! I have 5 comments...probably to far down the blog..No one will care!

  6. What makes you really, really irritated, nay mouth-foamingly angry, BUT, in a funny way?, Evil dictators are no good. Coffee shops that insist on asking you for your first name but then forget what you ordered (you listening Starbucks?) may show promise. You get the idea? Or maybe what makes you really, really foamy mouth mad is new commenters that swan into your blog then try to tell you what to do with it. They are a nightmare, don't you think?

  7. Not at all.. Never get foamy mouth.....So your ideas, comments , constructive criticisms are all very far! ;-))