COME BACK, TOM WOLFE! (10/14/2012)

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Where has Tom Wolfe been? His last novel was published in 2004. He's written mega-hits and not so mega-hits but I have always been a fan. He's fun and combative and I even like his all white suits. His writing style is "big"..big on style and big on storyline.

Wolfe's new novel titled BACK to BLOOD may be described as a comeback..but so what, he's back and with a vengeance. It's been labeled a panoramic story that takes the reader deep into the city of Miami. With his unique writing style, he depicts unbelievably
memorable scenes and introduces a melting pot of characters. 

The plot has been called "masterful" and with his usual sharp journalistic prose, Wolfe mocks the art world, reality TV, fame, journalism, the digital age and anything else that strikes his fancy. It's an exciting tale of a tense city where "everybody hates everybody."

BACK to BLOOD is  a return to form for Tom Wolfe, an even bigger and better Bonfire of the Vanities.  It will be released October 23rd. Watch it climb the best seller list.


Tom Wolfe is an American author and journalist. There is so much info about his contributions to the literary world that I couldn't do him justice. Click on


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