HE'S BAAAAACK...... (10/17/2012)

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THE RACKETEER by John Grisham is set to be released October 23rd and fans are anxiously awaiting its debut. What is it about Grisham that leaves everyone wanting and waiting for more? 

This new book focuses on the untimely death of a federal judge and an imprisoned lawyer who holds the details of the murder. THE RACKETEER has an interesting premise and is said to be an unusual take on Grisham's murder mystery style.

Reviewers promise that this thriller will be another entertaining, emotional, no-nonsense story told from the perspective of a man who has explosive information and knows how to manipulate. (The previous sentence could describe Grisham or the main character..) 

This is definetly a clever novel and nothing is as it seems...but what else is new? John Grisham is the undisputed megastar of legal thrillers...like it or not.


Grisham is an American lawyer and author best known for his popular legal thrillers, many made into successful films. He is an award winner and his books have sold over 250 million copies worldwide.


Grisham and his wife, Renee Jones teach Sunday School in First Baptist Church of Oxford Mississippi.

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