Many of us belong to book groups. My summer group meets three times but the discussions are always so memorable it almost carries me through the winter...almost...

Nancy B., a college friend belongs to two book groups and recently sent me a summary of what they've been reading. Here it is....(And by the way, the above photo does not include Nancy or me!)

I have two book clubs - one here in our condo community and the other our longstanding coed book club which runs all year.

Our condo women's book group read two especially interesting books. The first entitled "The Right Hand Shore" by Christopher Tilgham is a novel set on Maryland's Eastern shore, a story which stretches back to Civil War days. It is a "prequel" to the author's "Mason's Retreat". A good read with excellent character depictions and a fine plot.

The second book, "In the Shadow of the Banyan" by Vaddey Ratner was also quite good. A novel, narrated by a young girl, who suffered through the terror years of Cambodia's Kmer Rouge mirrors the author's life under the years of the genocidal regime.

Our coed book club the other day discussed a non fiction book,  "Last Call, The Rise and Fall of Prohibition", by Daniel Ockrent. A fascinating read, lengthy, but chock full of information. This group always rates each book from 1 to 5. This book was given a 3. A member of the group noted that the books we sometimes rate the least, seem to generate the best discussions!

( In the Shadow of the Banyan by Vaddey Ratner is reviewed on this blog on 08/17/12. To locate the comments and an image, use the Search Box at the top of the blog.)

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What's your book group reading? What are you reading that you think is book group worthy? Leave a comment...

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