Comments are not a big thing on my blog, but when I ask some blog readers via email, what they are reading, the responses keep coming. Email communication is fine with me, as long as I get some feedback.

So here's what a few blog readers wrote in response to my question, "Are you reading anything exciting lately?"(Because I'm not..)

Faye L. from Florida said she really is enjoying City of Women by David Gillham. Having just returned from Berlin, this book was of great interest to her. It chronicles a German wife drawn into an affair with a Jew but paints a picture of Berlin and Germans in a favorable light.

Betsy S. from Philadelphia has reviewed books on this blog and I can always rely on her for a timely on target suggestion...and she didn't disappoint.

Betsy said she liked The Tigers Wife by Tea Obreht and When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams.

I had never heard of When Women Were Birds, so I'll focus on that. After doing some research and checking reviews, it sounds like a very unusual book.

A gift of her mother's journals that were blank was the catalyst that inspired Terry Tempest Williams to write this very powerful piece. Reviewers said it's not a's not fiction but it's timely in that it also reflects the political climate affecting women today. See what you think..Betsy S. highly recommends it. 

You can click on the Amazon Search Box in the sidebar for more information on the books mentioned above. 


  1. Unfortunately, comments on the blogs are not easy to get because it takes two, three steps to actually publish a comment and most visitors are not ready to take them.
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    1. Thankyou for your comment!! Yes, you're's not that simple to leave a comment but I appreciate that you took the time to explain. I have seen your blog and it's so well done and professional. I am happy to be a follower!