PLAYING HOUSE (10/10/2012)

I love a good coffee table book and it helps to have a good coffee table to go with it. 

HOUSE by Diane Keaton showcases dwellings in an artful and very inventive way and will enhance any kind of coffee table, good or bad.

Barns, lofts, commercial spaces in a variety of locales are repurposed by well known and not so well known architects and designers. These spaces, some which are crumbling, are beautifully transformed  and revealed in ways that the reader can relate to ...or not, in some cases.

The photographs are stunning, some taken by Keaton. HOUSE is pricey to the tune of $85 but it's full of wonderful ideas and it's quirky-ness is what I would expect from this author.

Diane Keaton has presented us  with a great gift idea for the upcoming holidays, more than just a coffee-table book.


Actress, author, award winner, director, producer, photographer and screenwriter, Diane Keaton made her screen debut in 1970. She's well known for her collaboration with Woody Allen and her most famous role as Annie Hall.


Diane Keaton was born as Diane Hall and like Annie Hall hoped to be a photographer. She has also had a lifelong ambition to be a singer. 

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