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Ken Perenyi admits he is a liar and a cheat and his new memoir, CAVEAT EMPTOR: The Secret Life of an American Art Forger is an exciting  and entertaining romp.

A graduate of a New Jersey Technical school and a draft dodger, he fell in with a band of artistic New Yorkers and started imitating old masters. He quickly earned the reputation as a talented art forger. His forgeries fooled art houses like Christies, Sotheby's and many experts all over the world....and so it goes.

It's hard not to like this entertaining memoir and its many facets. Perenyi writes in detail how he pulled it off and became "America's first and only great art forger." (He probably should get some credit for his unusual talent as an artist)

Fast paced and on the wild side, CAVEAT EMPTOR gives an inside view of an  uneducated artist who was able to fool the art world for decades. He may sound glib at times, but Perenyi gives the reader a fascinating peek into his dubious career and especially those that looked the other way.

There are 32 pages of color illustrations and photographs..a definite plus. 


Ken Perenyi was born in 1949 in Hoboken, New Jersey and is a self-taught artist. Having discovered an ability to imitate the Masters he became a professional art forger. This career lasted thirty years.

Today he operates his own studio in Madeira Beach, Florida. His website is www.kenperenyi.com


  1. I agree!! And he's still duplicating the old masters only he's up front about it! And by the way he was never charged with anything...Would make a good TV movie....

  2. I heard the interview of the artist on NPR --he cannot be prosecuted as too much time has elapsed since his extraordinary crimes--I'd love to read the book1.......B