JUST HEARSAY (08/17/2012)

On the beach, in a kayak, between tennis points.... everyone I know talks books or just likes to talk.....so here's the latest "hearsay"....

THE CHAPERONE by Laura Moriarty

As I paddled by SE in my kayak yesterday, she remarked "Similar to Rules of Civility by Amor Towles." This comment got my attention! 

SE was referring to THE CHAPERONE by Laura Moriarty....(Books are always a topic of discussion when we kayak, along with everything else...thus the name of our group, Kay-Yakkers )

THE CHAPERONE is the story of two women and how the relationship changed their lives. It's historically detailed and takes place in 1922.... A film star and her chaperone and a "journey of discovery"...... 

"So far, so good" SE said...(Referring to The Chaperone, not the kayaking..Kayaking always gets good reviews.)


"This reads like a novel but is actually a memoir"
CC said between points on the tennis court.

It tells the vivid story of a Cambodian girl (the author) and her struggle to survive during a reign of terror.  A difficult novel to read, but this moving, historical tale fortunately leaves the reader with a message of hope..."Not for the faint of heart, but I loved it" CC said before smashing the ball into the net!

The New York Times Book Review section gave IN THE SHADOW OF THE BANYAN a favorable review on 08/13/12. To order both books, click on the Amazon Search Box.

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