BOOK GROUP NEWS (08/26/2012)

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BG of West Hartford, CT. is an avid reader. She leads my summer book group and is also actively involved in a Connecticut book group. Her comments are always right on target.
See below:

"Our West Hartford book club discussed the sequel to Hillary Mantel's WOLF HALL, BRINGING UP THE BODIES.  It is historical fiction with the emphasis on the latter.  

Ms Mantel takes much license describing the many characters whose conversations are both fascinating and believable, despite the fact that there is not a lot of  hard historical facts for the fascinating interchanges between them.  Lord Cromwell's dexterity  in both destroying  Anne Bolyn's credibility as a faithful queen and at the same time cleverly guiding the men in the court to betray themselves is skillfully devious..  

Although the reader knows the ending, Mantel's prose and imagery is well worth the commitment to reading about this rich period of English history."

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