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Dennis Lehane has a new novel...maybe not so new in subject matter but a colorful, complex Prohibition era chronicle. It's the second part of a trilogy, the first being THE GIVEN DAY

A blog reader, BF who is a Lehane fan raved about LIVE BY NIGHT. (Can a Lehane fan be objective?)

BF said it reminded him of the Godfather, but so what...It's a sprawling saga about a petty crook, Joe Coghlin, the son of the Assistant Chief Superintendent of the Boston Police Department. LIVE BY NIGHT picks up where The Given Day left off but the book soon leaves Boston..and BF won't reveal anymore.

The book is a departure for Lehane. It has all the elements of a good mystery but BF said it's more of an exciting, magnetic epic as opposed to a mystery.  

If you liked the Coghlin family in The Given Day, the focus on Joe Coghlin during Prohibition will keep you rivited. Film rights have already been sold...another bestseller and box office sucess, for Dennis Lehane.


Dennis Lehane has written several award winning novels including Mystic River which was made into an Academy Award winning film. Another novel, Gone Baby Gone, was also adapted into an Academy Award nominated film.

Lehane was born and raised in Dorchester, MA and continues to live in the Boston area. He teaches fiction writing at two Boston colleges. 

Little Known Fact:
Lehane appears occasionally as himself on the ABC comedy/drama TV series Castle.   

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