NEED A QUICK FIX? (09/12/12)

Looking for memorable characters and a good plot? Want something you can sink your teeth into..(other than cake)...If you can wait until September 17, this is it....

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A book debuting this month is creating a lot of hype.  Do you believe everything you read? In this case, I do...Here's the latest rant.

T. C. Boyle's new book titled San Miguel is a historical novel about two families living on a desolate California island.  Set in 1888 and 1930 three women start new lives and pursue their dreams. It's perilous and pleasurable at the same time, a mix of great characters and dramatic details. 

What do reviewers say?
"A richly, rewarding saga..extraordinary story full of hope and struggle... haunting new novel"

Read more about T. C. Boyle at:
(The website is full of great info about the author. Check it out.)


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