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You ask, what's a "Susan Isaacs"? It's like a good martini..you take the first sip and can't wait to take another! You feel happy afterwards and smirk in between....

I hate everything I've been reading. (That's a bit of an exageration, not everything). However, lately I have books I've abandoned mid stream, some I'm plodding through, and some I hope will improve.  

Anyway, a Susan Isaacs book always makes me smile. This new novel may not be the answer to my angst, but it's usually a mood changer.

Isaacs previous novels include Compromising Positions, Close Relations, As Husbands Go and many more. She's a prizewinner and chairperson of the board of Poets and Writers. Her new book titled Goldberg Variations is getting great advance reviews. (October 2nd is the due date.)


A reviewer said "Imagine King Lear as a comedy..."  

 A nasty tycoon wants to bequeath her wealth to her grandchildren, one who she barely knows. Why do they reject her "kingdom?" 
Goldberg Variations by Susan Isaacs  is a surprising novel. Another witty and deeply moving story of family, love and dysfunction.  A great combo, just what I'm in the mood for...

Stay tuned for more reviews and comments.

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