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We all experience anxiety...some more than others. This book was recommended to me by my daughter.. I guess she thinks I'm an anxious person...like she's not?..... whatever...Moving on..

MONKEY MIND by Daniel Smith is a memoir of living with severe anxiety, an illness that paralyzed his life for years. 

In an NPR interview the author said that it was imperative that his approach to anxiety be comic and in MONKEY MIND he accomplishes that feat. Smith states "Anxiety is the only funny mental illness in existence. You can't joke about depression or schizophrenia, but anxiety is so absurd that it lends itself to humor."

MONKEY MIND is a brave and insightful book.  It's brutally honest, painfully funny and promotes an accurate understanding of chronic anxiety.

By the way, I love my daughter...I check her Facebook Page, her Website, Linkedin, Pinterest, IM......ok...I'm the anxious one!

Daniel Smith began his career as a staff editor of the Atlantic Monthly. He has published articles, essays and reviews for many magazines and newspapers.
He is the author of two books: Muses, Madmen, and Prophets and Monkey Mind:A Memoir of Anxiety. Smith holds an endowed chair in English at The College of New Rochelle.


  1. Sounds interesting. I'll have to add this one too. Thanks for posting it.

  2. It is an interesting book..amazing how someone experiencing extreme anxiety can use humor To chronicle his illness. Well worth reading! THANKYOU for commenting.