WHEN IS LESS MORE? (03/29/2013)

If you have an affinity for short stories, I Want to Show You More by Jamie Quatro is a collection rich with provocative themes and memorable characters. 

A friend on Goodreads submitted the following review....


I Want to Show You More by Jamie Quatro

Reviewed by Barbara A.

No one need doubt that these interconnected stories are captivating. They absolutely are. Quatro has Georgia on her mind, and Tennessee, and infidelity and faith and death.

These activating themes lace back and forth, in and out, and often in tandem to make for a really strong piece of work. Several stories are otherworldly, several are grounded in the mundane, but all are really unforgettable. Not happy-making, but certainly unforgettable.

I admire writers who possess the clarity and precision to write in the short story format, and Quatro seems to have very successfully joined that society. Good for her, good for us who seek these, and good for Rachel Perry Welty, who has designed a spectacular cover for what I hope is just the first volume of work by this author.




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