I'm an F. Scott Fitzgerald fan and when I read that author Charles Dubow captured the allure and sophistication of F. Scott Fitzgerald in his novel, Indiscretion I was immediately attracted.

This debut novel is a sexy, lusty, stylish redo on very familiar themes..adult relationships stressed by infidelity and betrayal. Who doesn't like to read a sensual relationship drama with intriguing characters and a narrator vaguely reminincient of a Fitzgerald novel? (If you don't, this is not for you...)

Dubow tells the story of a man who has everything and discards it for the the excitement of an affair. Yes, it is cliche, but it's told in a way that seduces the reader (me, especially). The characters are well drawn and although diminished by their callowness, the reader is captivated by the lifestyle and their bad judgement.

The narrative structure is  slightly similar to Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. This, of course was deliberate and sets Indiscretion apart from other novels. Otherwise there's no real Fitzgerald parallel.

I was totally immersed in this book..its glamour, sexiness and very good writing accentuated the unexpected twists and turns.

Indiscretion by Charles Dubow is not for the academic or the reader wanting a serious message..although certain messages do abound.

There are many things to criticize...you may not want to read about a middle aged man having an affair with, of course, a beautiful young woman, you may think it's all predictable, or trite.

Dubow drew me in from the outset and I was quickly consumed by the story. It's occasionally fun to read about the shallow and self involved ..so lighten up and enjoy Indiscretion. 



Z  A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald
by Therese Anne Fowler



  1. I surprised myself by liking this book. I like what you said about it being a sexy, lusty, stylish redo. That is exactly what I said (in different words, of course).

    I'm a bit embarrassed that I seemed to have missed the similarities to Fitzgerald, though now that you say it, it's there.

    Great review!

    1. Thanks Ryan..I hate to admit it but I couldn't put it down! Who doesn't like a sexy lusty novel especially when it's compared to F. Scott Fitzgerald...sort of.

      Kind of justifies liking a story that is a bit cliche!