THE ONE TO WATCH (01/24/2014)

The lovelife of Scottish author, Robert Lewis Stevenson does not interest me and why should it? The lovelife of Frank Lyod Wright didn't get me either...until Author Nancy Horan wrote LOVING FRANK and now her new mesmerizing novel, UNDER THE WIDE AND STARRY SKY, just released. Once again, I'm intrigued and borderline voyeuristic!

UNDER THE WIDE AND STARRY SKIES BY Nancy Horan is my January pick for an immediate best seller, and with good reason. The epic story follows the life of Robert Louis Stevenson and his provocative and strong-willed American wife, Fanny Osborne. No ordinary story, the book illustrates the lives of two creative individuals as they embark on the adventure of life.

This is an ambitious historical tale, well researched and centering on very complex characters. Horan also explores relevant social concerns and how Stevenson's tumultuous personal life influenced his work.  Horan returns with another spirited well crafted story....definitely the One to Watch this month.

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