Since I started this blog I tend to read three or four books simultaneously and always on my kindle. In addition, I am reading book samples and searching for my next favorite recommendation.

Currently I am reading FIFTY SHADES OF GREY by E.L. James to see what all the fuss is about...like I don't already know!

 STAY CLOSE by Harlan Coben is still a predictable, disappointing book. I've kept an open mind but I'm done...(read half) 

I really like THE BEGINNERS GOODBYE by Anne Tyler (so far) and I don't care how iffy the reviews were, her writing is always rich and her stories quirky. Stay tuned...

I would highly recommend THE BEGINNER'S GOODBYE. Quirky doesn't begin to describe the  characters in this book..The novel is a penetrating look at human foibles combined with a gentle look at the grieving process. Tyler's humor is showcased in subtle ways in this deceptively simple book and I'm savoring every word....


THE TIME WEAVER by Thomas A. Knight was given to me by Jenifer Clement Stockdale, the author of This Was My House First.(Refer to Book Index) 

It's my first science fiction/fantasy novel and I am anticipating an exciting and unusual read. The author, Thomas A. Knight donates a good portion of his royalties to a charity that provides computers to families and children in need.

For me that's incentive enough to delve into a genre that I am not familiar. I will post a review at a later date....if I'm not scared out of my wits!

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Thankyou Thomas A. Knight, author of The Time Weaver for your comment.

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  1. Hi Joyce!

    So nice to see you taking a chance on something new! I truly hope you enjoy The Time Weaver, and look forward to reading your comments/review even if you don't. :)

    Thanks goes to Jenifer Clement Stockdale for passing it on.

  2. Thomas..I Look forward to new experiences, especially in books and I'm sure this will be an exciting read.
    I'm looking forward to it!