Are you ready for summer reading? The time has come to talk
"beach reads" and here's my first suggestion.

FALL FROM GRACE by Richard North Patterson hit the book charts last month to mixed reviews but there are some redeeming features. It takes place on Martha's Vineyard, has lots of juicy flashbacks and some demented twists. True, it's not his best work...but it's summer, so relax...

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The tale is not a new one, that of an exiled son returning home after the death of a parent. The son happens to be a CIA operative who is drawn into the mystery that surrounds his father's death.

Through the course of events, he comfronts issues from his past, lots of family dynamics, and of course betrayal and love. (It'll hold your interest.)

This is Patterson's twentieth novel, but at 276 pages it's a quick read and you'll be finished in time for cocktails ....or in time to see Patterson teeing off, if you're on the Vineyard..(I hear he could use a lesson or two..)

A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
by the American Horticultural Society

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Do you have an interest in gardening? I reviewed this book in November (Don't ask me why..) but now that it's May it's time to actually put it to use. Phyllis H, a blog reader from Albany, New York highly recommends it.

This is more than a plant guide, it's a reference for the novice gardner as well as the more experienced. Included are lavish illustrations, basic gardening techniques and a wealth of botanical and practical information.

Not a gardner? Enhance your coffee table!

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