I'm a fan of National Public Radio (NPR). Although it's often a challenge to locate on the dial, (especially while driving) once it's on, I'm ready to be enlightened.

For those who may not be enlightened yet, NPR delivers all the news, top stories from business, politics, health, science, music, arts and culture. The book news is always fresh and new and I trust their reviewers.

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The Diane Rehm Show has been recognized as one of the top ten most powerful programs in public radio. I can't believe she's 73...Young outlook and young face (suspiciously young...)

Today A SILENCE OF MOCKINGBIRDS:The Memoir of a Murder by Karen Spears Zacharias was reviewed and I'm still reeling.

Zacharias is an investigative journalist who became  personally involved in a high profile murder of a child destroyed by heedless caretakers.

A SILENCE OF A MOCKINGBIRD, although a memoir,reads like a mystery and sheds light on a problem that can no longer be ignored. (Remember Casey Anthony..)

You won't be sorry you read this book. Although troubling, it's an addictive read, impeccably written, with an important message

Diane Rehm on NPR


  1. I wish we had a similar radio station here. Maybe we don and I just haven't found it yet! In any case, A Silence of Mockingbirds sounds interesting.

    Here from BookBlogs.ning :)

  2. Thank you for your comment,Nicki-ann. I think this book is really well worth reading.It's a topic we should all be aware of....J

  3. I also love NPR. Ilive on LI New York and receive signals from something like four stations here.

    The Diane Rehm Show is great. even when I think the topic will be uninteresting, if I stick with it for about ten minutes or so I am usually hooked!

    1. Thankyou for your comment, Brian. The frustrating thing about NPR is it has several configurations so it's very elusive. Once I locate it ,as I said above it's worth every minute. I think because Diane Rehm has been around so long she knows how to spice up a topic...

    2. Thankyou for following my blog..You have the questionable honor of being the 90th follower!

  4. Looks like a powerful book, will add to my Amazon wish list right now. Thank goodness for NPR, and for friends such as you, Joyce, who tune in. I had missed this show, and would have missed this book.

    1. Stuart.. Thank goodness for friends like you who actually read my blog!!!
      I figured you'd be an NPR fan...and this book looks like it's something we should all read.