TIME FOR A THRILL (04/16/2012)

This past week I've included just about every genre available. It's now time to focus on some quick thrills and Olen Steinhauer is the next best thing to John Le Carre. His latest book, AN AMERICAN SPY is a stunning international thriller, multilayered and complex.  

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If you are a mystery fan and like a good old fashioned spy novel, this book is for you. Although it's the continuation of a series, reviewers have said it easily stands on its own.

The experience of reading AN AMERICAN SPY will require you to pay strict attention. There are a multitude of characters and lots of
confusing elements.

This is a challenging read but a first rate spy story. AN AMERICAN SPY is part of Olen Steinhauer's Tourist spy series.


  1. I love espionage books, thanks for the heads up.


  2. Every reviewer recommends reading his other spy thrillers too. I'd never heard of this author but he comes with great credentials and high praise. Let me know your opinion of the book.

  3. Haven't read a good spy novel in ages; think this might be it.

  4. Hope you like it.. Another blogger said he found it had too many characters and sub plots...but that sounds fine to me..Judging from the reviews, it's all good..Let me know what you think.