Two books by  author, Jennifer Gilmore were the book choices of a Cape Cod Book group. My college friend Nancy B, a member of the group recommended two easy but excellent reads, GOLDEN COUNTRY and SOMETHING RED, both favorably reviewed.

SOMETHING RED was on the NY Times List of Notable Books for 2010.  Both are family sagas during the 50's and there's an interesting "twist" in each of the books.

Their other choice was HOMER and LANGLEY by E.L. Doctorow. Doctorow tells the story of the Collyer brothers who died as recluses in their Fifth Avenue brownstone.

Doctorow interprets their lives and in so doing said "I make them to be two brothers who opted out of civilization and pulled the world in after them"

This is a strange and fascinating story and Doctorow enhances the tale with his own speculative points of view.

The Interior of the Fifth Avenue Brownstone

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Last summer my book group read WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel. The facilitator, Carol C. inspired a great discussion and made the 600 page tome come to life...and the refreshments were good too!

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The group has already made their selections for this summer, but FYI Hilary Mantel, the winner of numerous  prestigious book prizes is debuting another huge historical follow-up, titled BRING UP THE BODIES.

I couldn't finish Wolf Hall and probably won't attempt this one right now...(maybe after the summer) and yes, you can read it without reading Wolf Hall first. 

Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell  have a love - hate relationship...minus the love, and Cromwell is more than ready to bring her down.
The rest is history.

Almost 500 pages, BRING UP THE BODIES is the second book of a trilogy and once again Cromwell is the man of the hour. Fabulous reviews, great writing, worthwhile in every way...if you have the time. 
Thomas Cromwell

Group Of Readers. Clip Art


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