A REAL TREAT (05/24/2012)

I don't usually include cookbooks on my blog....but why not? This little collection of "easy does it" chocolate recipes is a joy.  
There's Mac 'n Choc Macaroons, Kickass Easy Chocolate   Souffles, Honeycrunch Mess O'Chocolate 
and lots more.  

CHOCOLAT-ASM by Paul Kearins is a kindle cookbook chuck full of wonderful chocolate recipes...all easy and delectible. Original photography by the author enhances the format and prepares you for the chocolate fix you sometimes crave.

To quote the author "You can make a brick taste good if you cover it with chocolate"
Chocolat-asm Volume one - Easy does it

Paul Kearins is a chocolatier by profession with lots of awards and accomplishments....many chocolate covered!!!
Don't pass this gem up!


  1. Wow! This book looks to be decadent! As fairly adventurous home cooks, my wife and I love to take on the making of things that people think more as prepackaged foods. It is so much more fulfilling to eat such things when homemade. In the past my wife has occasionally, but with great success made chocolate confections. This book looks right up our ally!

  2. I have to admit I know the author. We became friends when he managed a house we rented in Saint Maarten. He is an unbelievable chef and really is a Chocolatier. Aside from that, his photographs have shown in galleries all over. He is so talented and committed to everything he does. Aside from that he is witty and clever as you'll see from his comments. I know his recipes are super easy which is right up my alley,,let me know how you and your wife succeed with these chocolate endeavors...
    Right now he resides on Saba but hopes to move to the US soon with his fiance. And by the way there will be a chocolate sequel coming out....