LOVE ME...LOVE ME NOT (05/31/2012)

I can't believe May is over..I'm struggling through John Irving's new novel, IN ONE PIECE...slow moving... but I'm optimistic.
Reading IN ONE PIECE is getting to feel like work..When will it get better???

THE NEWLYWEDS by Nell Freudenberg was a rich and fascinating read and lived up to all the excellent reviews.

I will be introducing a book rating system in spite of the fact that everyone's taste is so different. It's not really that accurate or original for that matter, but should be fun...for me and I hope,  for you...not so much the authors.

Here goes:

!        Terrible...Wouldn't give this book to my worst enemy!
!!       Just O K...You'll never need a sleeping pill.
!!!      A good read
!!!!     Really, Really liked it and would read more by this author.
!!!!!    Buy it now! Amazing in every way.

This system will not be in place until mid June so watch for it!  

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