JOY TO THE WORLD! (05/18/2012)

As of this week I have over 9,000 page views! Thankyou to everyone who has taken the time to read Joyce's Choices and hopefully discovered a great book.

I've tried to include something for everyone...thrillers, mysteries, history, dysfunction, love, travel, family, biography, business and of course sex.....

Thankyou blog readers, supporters and friends. Remember any comments or book recommendations are always welcome! 


  1. Congratulations Joyce! You hit on on the head, your eclectic choice of books keep things interesting!

  2. Thankyou so much Brian.. I appreciate your comments and support. I basically write about books I like to read. I am going to include some Sci-Fi but a blog reader is doing the review...I can't seem to get into that genre...and I tried....
    Thankyou again!!!

    1. Interesting that you mention science fiction. When I was younger I read tons of it. Not so much any more. Like most genres most of it is very average with a few gems out there. Occasionally I go back and do a reread or try something new.

      After about thirty years I just did a rereading of Arthur C. "Clarke Childhood's End" which I found extraordinary. I will be blogging about it soon.