Frank Nappi at Booksigning
Recently I was asked to review SOPHOMORE CAMPAIGN by Frank Nappi, an author and screenwriter. Frank Nappi, although relatively unknown has made his mark in the literary world.

His screenplay adaption of The Legend of Mickey Tussler, his popular and highly praised novel was aired nationwide. The title was A Mile in His Shoes and is now on DVD. 

 SOPHOMORE CAMPAIGN  was released during  Autism Awareness Month and is also slated for film.

GHS occasionally reviews books on this blog. Since he enjoys baseball, this was a natural.(Get it?)

See his comments below.

SOPHOMORE CAMPAIGN by Frank Nappi is the follow up novel to "The Legend of Mickey Tussler". The story takes place in 1949, a time when the world was much different than it is today.

In the first novel, Mickey was discovered by Arthur Murphy, the manager of the minor league Milwaukee Brewers. Due to his autism, Mikey was alienated from his surroundings and faced tremendous pressures within the boundaries of competitive baseball.

The second novel,  SOPHOMORE CAMPAIGN picks up right where the first one left off, with more challenges to overcome and inspiration to be had.

When a new player—an African American joins the team, the story introduces the reader to what it was like to deal with racism and violence within the confines of post war 1949. Mickey must now deal with new challenges and struggle to find that special inspiration from within.

SOPHOMORE CAMPAIGN, although a sequel stands on its own.

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