Once again National Public Radio has recommended a book that sounds like a riviting adventure story and a bit of a biography combined.  

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THE LOWER RIVER by Paul Theroux  has a theme...a naive westerner and a remote third world country.

The main character, Ellis Hock is sixty three. His marriage has ended, his business is failing and remembering youthful experiences in the Peace Corps, he makes plans to return to Malawi..He's in for a big surprise.

Without revealing the plot, reviewers have called this book a " gripping and haunting tale...lots of plot twists...a small masterpiece."

You won't nod off reading THE LOWER RIVER. It's been labeled "frightening fun" by the NYTimes.
Reading the NYTimes can be "frightening fun" so they know what they're talking about! 

Author Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux is a prizewinning novelist. He lives on Cape Cod and Hawaii. Aside from fiction and non-fiction, Theroux is also known for his travel books.

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