The Lawgiver
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We all remember Marjorie Morningstar, The Caine Mutiny, War and Remembrance, The Winds of War, to name just a few of Herman Wouk's award winning classics. At ninety seven he's written an epistolary novel about Moses titled THE LAWGIVER.

Newly released and according to critics, Wouk has found a way to relate the tale of a group of people attempting to make a film about a present day Moses....and yes it's got some Hollywood references and emails and transcripts and memos...but it works.

The intriguing characters also include Wouk and his wife Sarah. Reviewers called THE LAWGIVER "witty, brisk, satirical and suspenseful."

Oh yes, it definetly tells a lively story and could even be considered a romantic comedy (with a touch of Marjorie Morningstar.) At ninety seven years old Herman Wouk has fulfilled his long time wish to write about Moses and achieved his goal in an original and exhuberant way.

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