TO READ OR NOT TO READ (11/08/2012)

Two of my favorite authors have let me down completely! Tom Wolfe, how could you!! I waited for months for your new novel, BACK TO BLOOD, gave you kudos before it even debuted and it's a big disappointment. I loved Bonfire of the Vanities. I could relate to almost every character..What happened?!!

Ian McEwan...Your new novel SWEET TOOTH even annoyed the New York Times. We all used to love your nasty, disagreeable characters, but this novel feels contrived and disappointed so many reviewers, and many of my blog readers too! 

To read or not to read...that is the question..I'm sure they'll be best sellers  but my reaction is...not to read!


  1. Joyce, I can totally understand your fustration. I wrote a blog post about buying and reading a book due to your love for the author or the attractiveness of the front and back cover. As a reader, I liken it to when you expect someone to show up for something and they don't. But oh well- on to the next.

  2. So true and so disappointing!....but yes..on to the next ..but lately I am finding some authors not living up to past glories. Once you've had a best seller I think the pressure must be so difficult..especially when someone like me is so quick to criticize!!

  3. I still like these authors even though I didn't like their recent books. You can't please everyone all the time...they've written some great books...and will probably write more...I hope so.
    Lately it's hard to find really good fiction....good story, great writing etc...think I need a break..getting very jaded...